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Core Competencies

Product R&D and Commercialisation

Product Conceptualization and Development

At Kino Biotech, we believe in constantly innovating our products to meet the changing demands of consumers. Our team uses the most advanced technology and high quality materials. As such, we guarantee product quality and efficiency. Product ingredients are extracts of 100% pure natural essences, containing no additives, no sugar, no artificial colours or flavours and no hormones.


Product Safety and Certification

Product safety is our primary objective and all our products are validated and certified by health bodies. These include SGS International, GMP, HACCP and Halal certifications, among other international certifications. Additionally, the Kinohimitsu Health Pad has garnered U.S. FDA certification.

Conceptualization and Development to Commercialization

The product development process is highly complex with the highly interrelated activities of the development cycle. Kino Biotech’s expertise in the areas of innovation, research, development and commercialization has enabled it to successfully bring Kinohimitsu to markets globally.

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