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Core Competencies

Brand Ownership

The proprietary brands under Kino Biotech are Kinohimitsu, Activa and Xpertise.


Kinohimitsu is an extensive range of nutraceutical products that focus on health related enhancement functional drinks dedicated to improve the human well-being.

Kinohimitsu is sold all over Asia in major pharmacies, departmental chains, supermarkets and hypermarket stores.


Activa is a range of water-based treatment products for the hair, face and body. Activa uses the right ingredients to provide application products with effective curative properties. We share the truth, stick with it and practise it. Count on us to help you nourish and restore your body for lifelong beauty.


Xpertise is a range of innovative topical slimming products for different parts of the body. We use safe and natural ingredients for Xpertise products.

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