Kino Biotech is a leading integrated bio-nutraceutical and cosmeceutical company specialized in the conceptualization, development, commercialization, brand marketing, sale and distribution of innovative healthcare and beauty products. Our core business is the sale of healthcare and beauty products under our own proprietary brands: Kinohimitsu, Activa and Xpertise.

Kino Biotech has expertise in the areas of innovation, conceptualization  development, commercialization which has allowed it to streamline the process of bring new products successfully to the markets globally. Moreover, we are consumer-focused and strive to produce innovative products which enhance and improve the lives of our consumers.

Kino Biotech is based in Singapore, the heart of Asia. As such, we believe that we are in the best position to seize the opportunity to help grow the industries here and propel our brand. We have over 4500 points of sale in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. Collaboration with key partners like Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Tesco and Carrefour enables Kino Biotech to successfully bring its products to the mass market and enhance its reputation.

The use of hybrid marketing which includes traditional media and new media has allowed for a holistic marketing strategy, promoting our healthcare and beauty products to over 1.5 billion consumers. Kino Biotech is constantly expanding our product lines and the reach of our products to new markets.